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the project

In the last three years, the La Harpe City Park has significantly change from outdated and minimal playground equipment to adding new amenities each year to continue the development of this unique built environment. We want to capitalize on that momentum of revitalization of our park by fixing our main staples already existing ie. the baseball field/The Sandlot, adding drinking water access for our residents and visitors, creating a new and exciting BMX Kid-friendly pump track, installation of benches throughout the park and a small amount of dollars to pay for upkeep.

Throughout the last year, La Harpe residents have expressed in community conversations, town hall meetings, surveys and REAL Talks (one-on-one's) that it is very important to them to bring back their La Harpe Days Celebration; which has been dormant for years now. We believe funding these projects around the park, where the La Harpe Days Celebration has been hosted in the past, will create the best La Harpe Days to date; bringing community identity and pride back to the town, while also showcasing the newly completed projects to the surrounding towns in the county. 

This full project begins with the continued construction and revitalization of the park in the Heart of Allen County to coming together in a La Harpe Days Celebration for all of Allen County to enjoy together. 

the steps

Jan 2019- Creating timeline with volunteers. Begin talking to about crowdfunding campaign to solicit donations.  Begin meetings with La Harpe Day Committee.

Feb 2019- Crowdfund!! Coordinate meetings with individuals wanting to volunteer to find their interest area. La Harpe Day Committee meets. Coordinate with local youth, high school and BMX Hall of Famer and content expert to host an informational meeting about pump track building. Tour future site of BMX pump track. Coordinate with Regional Rural Technology Center constructions trades class to build trail benches.

March 2019- Mark out BMX Kids Pump Track, order dirt, organize youth/volunteer project to build Pump track and install at park. La Harpe Day Committee meets and secures entertaiment, orders shirts and prizes for event. Begin coordinating The Sandlot project (baseball field).

April 2019- City of La Harpe installs water fountain for access. La Harpe Days Committee meets, develops promotional material for the celebration and distributes throughtout county.

May 2019- Order benches and install throughout the park. La Harpe Days Committee meets. All built environment new and rennovating projects are complete.

June 2019- Full commitment of time to finish coordinating the La Harpe Days Celebration.


why we're doing it

La Harpe is a rural community located in Allen County. Our county has been defined by long-term decline and generational poverty even more intensified in La Harpe where the median household income is just $34,000. Despite the decline, La Harpe continues to be intentional in identifying unique projects that will change the landscape of the community to be a more welcoming place for everyBODY to come and play. Because of their central location in the county and because of the neverending pumping of life into the community, the residents in town have adopted the new town motto: La Harpe- The Heart of Allen County.


We are working towards breathing new life into our town and offering a unique alternative to what the landscape of a park can look like. So, we ask for everyBODY that has a passion for play to share our vision and help us reach our goal. 


Drinking  water access 

               Water fountain- $2,500.00        

               Installation $500.00

Baseball Field Renovation 

               20' x10' , W/ Full Hood Permanent Baseball/Softball Backstop, Bscl20HW - $5000.00

               12ft High Galvanized 2- 1/4" X 11-1/2" Mesh 50ft Roll Chain Link Fence -   (2) $535.00=  $1070.00

BMX Kids Pump Track

               Screened dirt 185 yards @ $15.00 per cubic yard $2,775.00 

              ( 4 ) Wheelbarrows @ $200.00= $800.00

               (4) Shovels @ $30.00= $120.00

Benches including around the trail and in park

              (6) $500.00= $3,000.00

Return of La Harpe Days

             Community Event /Celebration of completed project $3,000.00

Park Maintenance

             Mowing, weed control, bathrooms, and general upkeep- $1,235.00   

SUBTOTAL = 20,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $600
TOTAL TO RAISE = $20,635



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  • A Friend at the Prairie Queen Wind Project Site in Moran
  • Piqua State Bank/Bank of Gas
  • ACMAT (Allen County Multi Agency Team
  • Ed and Pat Hoover
  • Jayhawker RV Park
  • Donald & Judith Welch
  • Phi Theta Kappa- Allen Community College
  • Payless Concrete Products INC
  • Judy and James Heinrich
  • Allen Community College
  • Anonymous
  • Susan Lynn & Brian Wolfe, M.D.
  • La Harpe Pride
  • Greta Ingle
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Personal Service Insurance, Inc.
  • Community National Bank 7 Trust - Iola
  • LaHarpe Communications, Inc
  • Emprise Bank
  • Jordan Swart
  • Lisse Regehr
  • B&W Trailer Hitches
  • Lynn B.
  • Janie Henderson
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Gratz P.
  • L Womelsdorf
  • Roger Whitaker
  • Gates Corporation
  • The Market Place, Iola
  • City of La Harpe
  • Michael Gordon
  • Damaris Kunkler
  • Kelli Frazell

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