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the project

The mission of Lake Affect arts takes place on two fronts: The first is to establish a performance venue where a connection of the audience and performers to the past, future, and each other is palpable. In addition, to showcase the next generation of young artists by giving them the foundation, experience, and support that they need to forge their path. We are thrilled to announce that this goal will be coming to fruition in Spring of 2017 as we begin our fantastic season of concerts at the historic and newly restored LaSalle Theater in the Collinwood neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. The Second front is the founding of a music education program that can work with schools through outreach and curriculum supplementation to combat many of today’s social issues. Studies in Science from around the world tell us that music is fundamental to the health of our social interaction, increasing both self esteem and cognitive ability. In addition, music has been proven to massively increase brain plasticity and combat neural atrophy common in children living in poverty. The greatest revolutions in art and culture have always come about because people embraced what they stood for, please help us to ignite a renaissance that has the power to transform our communities.To learn more about us or to contact us, please check out our website at, and our social media links below.

The tax deductibility of your contribution may be affected by the goods or services received in return for your contribution. You are welcome to turn down the rewards mentioned at right if you are concerned. Please contact your financial advisor with further questions regarding your donation. 

the steps

In order to launch our organization we have planned numerous benefit concerts in addition to our crowdfunding efforts. Our success will involve the accomplishment of the goals described above, the production of our concert series as well as our inovative education program. Both of these will happen in various forms year round. 

why we're doing it

 We founded this non profit becuase we share a collection of values and ideas about art in our time, its crowning moments, and the vast potential of its untapped future. Imagine for a moment if the walls of Severance Hall or Nighttown Jazz Club could talk. The stories they would tell of great rapture, great tragedy, and depth of shared human experience would be astonishing. As an expression of culture each genre of music conveys to us what it must have been like to live at that point in human history. Music, therefore, is not only a way of connecting with one another in the present but also of reaching out and touching those who lived before us. In our much loved home town of Cleveland we see a chance to spread these great benefits of music on a scale that has not been done before. We see the chance to transform communities through both our concerts and education initiatives. As described above science has well documented the massive benefits music can have on a community and future generations. We believe that it is the responsibilty of members of a community to take actions to improve it when opportunities present themselves, and that is why we are embarking upon this project.


$7,000: Purchases educational resources including music stands, instruments, sheet music and technique books and covers cost of faculty. 

$7,529: Hires performers, covers theater rent and concert production costs, purchases sound equipment and sheet music, compensates the staff and employees, pays for the production costs of both educational and entertainment content of the YouTube Channel and other Lake Affect Arts Productions.

$14,529 - Subtotal

$436 - ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)

$35 - ioby Platform Fee

$15,000 - Total to raise


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