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the project

Mitchell-Heights pocket park is the place the community can meet and socialize with one another. This project is to bring the community together. This is where the name Mitchell-Heights originated from in the 1990's. History starts here.

the steps

We are starting with planting beautiful flowers, brushes, and small trees. We would like a space just for the reading rainbow garden. A beautiful waterfall in the center of our beautiful park full of life in our neighborhood. 2 entries with archway gating and a beautiful garden of butterflies.

why we're doing it

We are doing this because we live here. My heart is here. When my neighbor cries for food, water, clothes, I cry too. The thing I love is that we don't mind working for what we need. I've seen people live off the land and they're happy and don't complain. So with that being said a pocket park would be a place to find a blessing.


We are asking for volunteers also. Please feel free to contact us.We welcome you. Thanks Chantay.


plants $500

Tables $200

Benches $300

Archway $300

SUBTOTAL = $1,500
ioby Platform Fee $35
Donation Processing Fee of 3%  $45



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