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the project

As teens we understand the stressors and emotional roller coasters that other kids our age are experiencing. There is data proving that moving our bodies and using our minds creatively reduce depression and anxiety. Our goal is to provide physical and creative activities for other teens to help them cope with their stress during this time in our lives.  We hope to raise money so that these activities can be offered free of charge.

Our first event will take place on Sunday, April 14 at CYCLEBAR (1702 Maple Avenue, Evanston, IL)!  We are offering a free spinning class to up to 40 teenagers which includes the space, a certified spin instructor, and lunch in a private room onsite so we can hang out after and have fun! Our goal is to raise $720 with this first event. We are so excited to introduce our first activity for Moving Your Mind- please make your donation today, so that 40 teens can spin to reduce stress!

We have a lot of exciting upcoming monthly events. These include group art and clay classes. We are also planning a fun beach day where we will provide a fun day of swimming and relaxing along with a meal for each teen! We are also going to have group work out sessions with a trainer as well as a group yoga class. All of these activities have the same goal- to promote a sense of belonging and mental health benefits.

the steps

The fist step is the spin class. Once we have raised the money we want to offer free yoga classes, art classes, pottery classes, baking classes, training sessions, and more!

why we're doing it

As teens we are all struggling to cope with academics, social and emotional issues in our lives.  We want to provide free creative and physical activities for teens - hopefully every month.  We want it to be a safe outlet for teens who want to be a part of something positive. This wil be for teens in our community and we plan to utilize local business to help our cause. Our legal guardian is a licensed therapist and can also provide teens in crisis with resources.


First activity:

$720 - Spin class - $12.50 for each teen ($500 total) + $160 for a meal for the group + $60 for water


Additional activities:

$800 - Art class - $20 for each teen ($600 total) + $200 for a meal for the group

$800 - Clay class - $20 for each teen ($700 total)  + $200 for a meal for the group

$650 - Yoga class - $15 for each teen ($450 total)  + $200 for a meal for the group

$440 - Beach day - $8 for each teen ($280)  + $200 for a meal for the group

$650 - Group training class - $15 for each teen ($450 total)  + $200 for a meal for the group


ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $223
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $134


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