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100 SE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
(Downtown Stuart)
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phase 1 fundraising nearing completion!

the project

At Ground Floor Farm in Downtown Stuart, Florida, we believe in growing our town through food, art, and fun. Our urban farm, located on the border between Historic Downtown Stuart and East Stuart, features productive agriculture, a farm-to-table cafe and market, and a vibrant community space. We also have a really big fence, which we would like to convert into a large scale public art project! We are excited to be working with Stuart Main Street and the Arts Council of Martin County. We're also excited to be one of 10 projects across the country chosen for the Edward Jones Placemaking on Main Crowdfunding Challenge! On top of your generous contributions, we'll receive a $2500 matching grant from Edward Jones.

Our vision is to provide space on our fence for up to 17 professional, amateur, and student artists to paint murals in a wide variety of styles and techniques. As time goes on and murals experience wear and tear, we will replace fence panels, making space for new works of art. Our fence will become an ever-evolving street gallery! 

Taking inspiration from public art projects like Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood, we imagine the murals bringing new life to Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, encouraging community members to get out of their cars and explore this area of Stuart by foot. The Ground Floor Farm Mural Project seeks to fill our corner of Stuart with innovative, delightful, and thought-provoking public art. We look forward to working with our local community to bring this project to life!

the steps

June 2017: collect submissions from artists (artists can apply HERE!)

June 15-July 15 2017: crowdfund the project through ioby

end of July 2017: match artists with sponsors, with final mural designs chosen by July 31

early August 2017: finalize permiting requirements with the City of Stuart

August 2017: purchase paints and materials

September 2017: artists paint their murals

early October 2017: art opening and celebration party!

why we're doing it

The mural project is sure to become a vibrant focal point in the downtown landscape. We imagine a future in which the murals become a must-see attraction, with visitors walking the path along the farm to examine each mural, and residents picnicking and relaxing in the park, enjoying the natural and artistic scenery. 

As the project evolves with new murals replacing older ones, viewers will be able to return again and again and see something new and different. Additionally, we hope that this increased foot traffic will attract more businesses to the neighborhood and hopefully spread down Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, creating a diverse and walkable downtown annex.




Disbursed Budget

Raised = $8,946.00

less ioby Platform Fee $35.00

less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $259.54

Total to disburse = $8,651.46

Artist fees 4800

Permit fee 512

Landscaping and mulch 550

Permit sign printing 100

Permiting letter stamps 34

Misc 100

Marga flights 600

Paints & materials 1055.46

Pressure washing 200

Opening party supplies 300

Project brochures 300

Fixing fence panels 100

Original Budget

$500- permitting fees

$2,000- materials (high quality UV resistant paints), tarps, brushes, etc

$15000- artist fees (artists will be paid $300 or $1,500, depending on whether they are a student, amateur, or professional artist)

$17,500 = Subtotal

$35 - ioby Platform Fee

$525 - Donation Processing Fee of 3% 

$18,060 = Total to raise


phase 1 fundraising nearing completion!

Projects like this remind us of what an incredible community we have here in Downtown Stuart. We've currently raised enough funds to sponsor 6 murals! With over 20 submissions from artists, ranging from seasoned professionals to elementary schoolers, we are pretty pumped. But we still have plenty of room left on the fence, and many worthy artists that need championing. 

We are so grateful to each and every one of you for contributing to the project. With just 5 days to go, we want to ask just one more favor. Please consider sharing the campaign on social media. A nudge from a friend can help remind those that haven't yet contributed that now is the time to do so!

Thank you thank you thank you for supporting public art! 

the GFF crew

Thank you to our early supporters!

Thank you so much to all of you that have contributed during these early days of the campaign! Your early support of the project makes a huge difference! We are close to raising 25% of our total goal, which is exactly where we want to be during the first week of the campaign.

We are also thrilled to be receiving fabulous art submissions, from elementary school envrionmental activists to award-winning street artists. We can't wait to bring many of these amazing concepts to life, thanks to your generous support!

gratefully yours,

Jackie, Micah, and Mike


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