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the project

Smart Development Inc is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization committed to community development through the affordable housing and social services we provide. Our housing portfolio ranges from single family homes, road-homes, to multi-family units and apartments to help turn blighted communities into the communities of choice residents desire.As a proud member of Ohio CDC Association, it os our goal to ensure we help eliviate the various issues Cleveland and surrounfing communities face when it comes to abandoned housing, bad landlords, loitering, crime, and beyond. We take these issues head on and directly work in and with the residents to solve these issues. There needs to be better solutions to providing more affordable housing- and offering soltuions across all income classes is how we can begin to see change.


Our community development solutions and residential housing and social services adapt to meet the needs and concerns of the communities we serve. We help individuals and families by providing the most suitable and affordable housing, aid in achieving home ownership, prevent homelessness, and connect them to various employment, educational, and development opportunities to keep them engaged and aid in their future sustainability. There are countless of properties that can be turned into quality affordable housing units; but many face challenges and obstacles as there are legal claims and or loitering and crime issues surrounding them. In order for us to make them available to residents, we first need to make sure they are safe and properly developed. 


This area of Cudell is among one of the hardest hit neighborhoods on the westside, along with many others like it- we want to offer the residents a chance at success through aiding in their community needs. Nearby the project area is highly-developed and beautiful Gordon Square, to which we want to offer this neighborhood the same quality service. Creating neighborhoods of choice where families feel safe and are offered the same options as other communities is essential. Clean housing, clean neighborhoods and beautiful greenery, less crime, less loitering, and more happiness.

the steps

- Legally obtain ownership of the properties and work with the current owners and or nonprofits in area to get them- completed/underway (multiple units obtained, the rest are under-way-secured and complete).

- Obtain the properties and begin work immediately. We do not take breaks in our work- for our goal is to rehab the units as quickly with quality work as possible. - underway (most properties currently take 2-4 month turn around).

- Place our contractors to aid in the work beyond indoor rehabilitation, but exterior and land reuse. - completed,(we have current teams on site).the properties once the claims against the properties have been cleared. - completed

- work with public officials in the area and other stakeholders to begin anti-loitering campaigns, community clean-ups, and help reduce crime around the project. - underway/on-going

- do regularly weekly and monthly community clean-up services in and around Dindea Terrence (the given units neighborhood) - continuous (we do this once a week and one large one once a month in which we rent a large dumpster for).

- work with the local residents within the Dindea Terrence to enlist their help and enhance community engagement efforts around the area. (ongoing)

why we're doing it

When abandoned houses are rehabbed and turned into good quality homes, they provide a tremendous boost to the neighborhood. It is our duty as an organization to ensure that we engage in community development that most benefits these blighted neighborhoods. The leadership team comes crom the communities in which they serve, and they are hands on with the residents. In order to reduce crime, increase the economic status of the residents, and create a happier, safer, cleaner place to live- we must invest in the housing structures within these communities. 

Recently, near the townhome units, there has been arsons, car jackings, and a hate-crime commited against a transgender woman. We do not want anyone to fear for their life and feel as though they do not have a place to go. Where there is a will there is a way, and we will not allow anyone to feel as though they have to leave the communities they love because they are not recieving the help they need to thrive. 

Affordable housing is the prime way to breathe new life into urban core neighborhoods.


Rental equipment- $100.00

Purchase of OSB boards- $300.00

Purchase of paint- $300 x4 = $1,200

Lawn/Garden trash bags/disposable gloves- $50.00

Dumpster Rental- $100 weekly rental fee x4 = $400

Lawn care (rubble/weed removal, maintenance, soil care): $250.00 weekly  x4 = $1,000

Lighting installation to enhance safety around Detroit Ave. units and back alley $8,000 


Subtotal = 11,050

Subtotal =


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