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the project

For over two years, the facade of The Neighborhood School (PS363) and Star Academy (PS 63), located on Third Street, has been under construction. The existing garden was removed and construction equipment and rats moved in. Now the construction is over and our courtyard entrance is free and open, but there is no garden!

Parents, teachers and staff from both schools been collaborating and working hard to redesign and reconstruct a garden for the students. We have had many meetings to envision the garden space, surveyed students, parents and teachers on what they would use the garden for and what they want in the garden and have parent volunteer architects pull all this information together into a garden design. Now, we are in the materials and construction phase of building out the beds and realizing the vision of the Third Street School Garden.

the steps

We are currently ordering wood and materials to build the garden beds, benches and trellises. We expect that to take several days of volunteer labor. Once beds are built and put into place, we will line them with landscaping fabric, gravel and then fill them with soil. Students have been growing seedlings in their classrooms and will harden off plants outside and then plant them in the vegetable beds. Parents will work together to put in perennials, native plants, insect-friendly plants and do other maintenance tasks to keep the garden growing and safe.

why we're doing it

Green space is political space--especially in urban areas. Many kids in the City do not have access to green space. They do not understand where our food comes from, how we are connected to nature, and our impact on nature. The garden space will serve as a learning space for students and also as a respite from the City. The garden has and will be a great way to build and strengthen our community.


$1000: loose soil and peat

$200: gravel (for bottoms of beds)

$800: plants such as perennials, native plants, insect attracting plants, bulbs, shrubs, grasses and vines

SUBTOTAL = 2,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $60




WOW. That was kind of incredible! In just a few days, we have hit our goal! Thank you to all the parents who have donated. A special thanks to friends, family, and colleagues of those parents who donated to support our kids. It feels really special to know that you support us! Stay tuned for updates! :D


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