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the project

My story, or rather the neighborhood, is about the image that we want to give us a touch corrupted by time and we would like to give it an artistic and colorful touch, this could also be a good Christmas gift for the community :)

-this is a draft, we have done the ones we are going to paint, it is just in process but it is to give an idea of the base of some of the drawings that we will illustrate, I hope you like them :)


the steps

Your mission is to support us monetarily, and then we will take care of buying the painting and of course putting hands to work.

we would like each one of those we will paint, illustrate what we like most to each one; For example, I really like the preservation of the environment, so I will paint on nature with a familiar touch :D


why we're doing it

We love our home, and we want to make it look like the beautiful place it is and if when people pass by in their cars say "wow, what a nice and cozy place" generating a beautiful vibration and spirit in the neighborhood.


- $60 for 5 gallons of white and black paint

- $10 for paint colors

- $10 for large and small brushes

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ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $2



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