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Thank to our donors

the project

Join volunteers from the Owl's Head Park Horticulture Group in two children's workshops at Owl's Head Park to be held in May 2017.  The workshops will focus on painting the cut-out owls along the gate of the children's playground.  The horticulture group conducted a workshop in June 2015, inviting kids from the playground to paint a pair of cut-out owls along the gate.  We will do this again with the remaining three sets of cut-out owls.  We are raising funds for materials to conduct the workshops such as scrappers to peel away old paint, primer for the owls, acrylic paints and paintbrushes, construction paper to draft pictures, and smocks for kids.  Additional funds will go to paying for advertising space in the local papers, and a consultation fee to the workshops instructor Deidre Laughton.


the steps

The first step is to compose a list of materials for the workshops whether these items can be donated by private individuals or corporate sponors or they need to be purchased.  Once we know we will have the materials for the workshops, the second step is to choose the dates for the workshops and to secure a special events permit with the NYC Parks Department to hold the workshops at the children's playground.  The third step is to prepare press releases to be posted in the calendar of events in locals newspapers and with local community organizations and schools.  The fourth and final step is to execute the workshops -- delegate responsibilities to the volunteers who will be participating and guiding the children in tapping into their creative energy.

why we're doing it

The workshops enable kids and their families feel like they are contributing to their local park, imprinting their mark on it.  Some kids like to carve their initials in a tree trunk.  These workshops do this without damaging trees in the process.  Not only are families saying "they were here" but they are beautifying the park by decorating bland silhouettes along the gate of the children's playground.  The colors and geometrical shapes personalize the area and enhance the playful whimsical atmosphere.


Disbursed Goal (as of 2.2.17): 

All funds will go towards the budget described below. 


Preparing the owls:

  • 3 scrappers                                                             $24
  • 2 drop cloths                                                           $18
  • 3 cans of base coat/primer                                  $40

    Drafting images for the owls:

  • 24 water colors                                                       $25
  • construction paper                                               donated
  • crayons and markers                                            donated
  • wet wipes                                                               donated
  • plastic cups for watercolors                                 donated
  • folding table                                                          donated

    Painting the owls:

  • 24 acrylic paints                                                     $28
  • 15 paintbrushes                                                      $35
  • 3 smocks                                                                 $27


  • 100 color printouts of flyer                                    $80

    Total:                                                                       $277.00

    Funds raised from IOBY Campaign:                      $249.00
    Donation from organizer:                                       $28

RAISED = $270.00
less ioby Platform Fee  waived
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $12.86
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $7.86

Original Goal:

scrappers ($25), primer ($100), acrylic paints ($150), brushes and sponges for painting ($75), construction paper ($10), smocks ($80), wet wipes and hand sanitizers to clean hands ($10), advertisements in local papers ($1,000), and consultation fee to Deidre Laughton ($50)


SUBTOTAL = 1,500
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $75
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $45



Thank to our donors

Thank you to Tracy Thank Joerss and Matie Argiropoulos for their generous donations to make Paint the Owls at Owl's Head Park happen this spring.  The owl silhouettes along the children's playground are a vital part of the park.  Some children have informed me that they have seen the owls smile at them.  The owls will not only smile at the children but also brighten their experience at the park now. The three remaining rusted owls will be refurbished by the children on the playground, giving them the opportunity to contribute to their park and discover how to care about their play area.  Because of the generosity of Tracy and Matie, the children's playground will be even more special for future generations living and visiting the neighborhood.


Owl's Head Park Horticulture Group member Matie Argiropoulos has donated sketch pads, crayons, and markers for kids to draft their artwork before transposing their images onto the owls along the gate.  If you would like to donate supplies for this project please contact Susan Frances at

Photo: Our Christmas Tree Lighting

Photo from our Christmas Tree Lighting at Owl's Head Park, Dec. 8th, 2016.

We've been selected by Partnerships for Parks!

Our project to Paint the Owls at Owl's Head Park was recently chosen to participate in the 2016 Partnerships for Parks Matching Grant Challenge! 

Out of dozens of projects that applied, our project was hand selected and given a chance to unlock grant funds from Partnerships for Parks for our 2017 project. All we need to do is raise funds, via this crowdfunding page, and we'll unlock $500 in matching funds to bring this amazing project to our neighborhood kids next year.

The deadline to win these matching funds is Dec. 31, 2017. Help us by making your gift today and your gift will automatically secure matching dollars. 

For example: 

Your $10 gift automatically** turns into $20  ($10 from your donation and $10 from the matching grant)


Kids painting the Owls - 2016



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