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the project

The Woodstock Festival in the summer of 1969 changed the lives of many adult residents of our community.  Those who lived during that 1960s era remember that concerned parents wouldn't let them go, or that they got stuck in the traffic jam that ultimately closed the New York State Thruway.  Some of our neighborhood residents were in that Woodstock audience of more than 400,000 people listening to 32 acts playing for three days on Max Yasgur’s 600-acre dairy farm.  For this event, Jam musicians will share memorable stories about this distant summer experience.  

Today, older and younger music lovers who couldn't be there feel solidarity with those who were there, with a wistful remembrance of a more innocent time.  In the Summer of 2019, South Philly Jam would like to celebrate the 50-year anniversary of the Woodstock Festival.  With this project we hope to share with our diverse urban neighbors the sounds and energy of that extraordinary musical event that changed the world.

Our general approach to special musical events is to encourage fun for all with lively singing participation from our willing audience members.  The Queen Village neighborhood Tribute to the Woodstock Festival will be a three hour sing-a-long evening event hosted in a historic church founded over 300 years ago. 

the steps

Secure rental of a nearby building and facilities for the specific tribute date. Support neighborhood building rental.

Secure contract to provide ticket and food services for the Woodstock Tribute. Provide neighborhood employment.

Identify instruments and members needed to play Woodstock song sets. Practice instrumentation and vocals.

Host community three-hour open-door Woodstock Tribute singer rehearsal at the Music School in Queen Village. This is an opportunity to build singing magic with the Queen Village vocalist community.  A neighborhood collaboration.

The South Philly Jam will publish a booklet of Woodstock Music Tribute Songs.  Share free of charge to musicians. 

Advertise the Woodstock Tribute on Eventbrite and other similar services in Spring and Summer 2019.

Event to be scheduled for a weekend date in Summer 2019.


why we're doing it

Whenever people spontaneously congregate, we keep the idea of Woodstock alive and chances are good that -- a Woodstock moment will surprise us again.  The South Philly Jam would like to capture that surprise energy and magic in a musical tribute to the 50th year anniversary of the Woodstock Music Festival. Your generous contribution will launch the Woodstock Tribute in the summer of 2019 to be hosted in our Queen Village neighborhood.

This important project serves a diverse age and ethnic group of neighbors who will sing and play music together as friends. For our neighborhood audience, the Woodstock Tribute will be nostalgic for some and therapeutic for others, reducing feelings of loneliness, providing meaningful connections with others and foster a shared community experience of peace, love and understanding through music.  

South Philly Jam, based in Philadelphia, has emerged as a Queen Village institution, founded in 2015 with a handful of neighbors. The enthusiasm for the group has grown to a musical community of 300 members.  Like that distant pasttime of backyard neighborhood gatherings, the South Philly Jam provides a remarkable place for neighborhood singers and instrument players to build a fun time with an unplugged sound. We take no compensation for our community work, playing in church, parks and schools.

Our Woodstock Tribute project goal is to build a lasting musical institution for our neighbors and friends to play and sing music as volunteers in service to our urban neighborhood community.





Building Rental   500
Setup Services   200
Beverage Food Services  


Consumables, Plates, Utensils 100
Rental Miircrophone, PA equipment 150
Printing of Song Books   200
Advertising      100


SUBTOTAL = 1,450
ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $73
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $44



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