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Funny Stuff, we don't need pretty pennies

the project

Ping & Pong Juice Bar

Having spent a summer working with youth in Larimer, I wondered what I could do in Wilkinsburg. As a teen I spent many hours playing ping pong, it was fun! I thought I could mix my three passions, working with youth, entrepreneurship and good food. So, Ping & Pong Juice Bar popped up into my mind, a juice bar with ping pong tables!

I thought I would invite youth to join a pop-up ping pong Juice Bar. Spend the summer enjoying a positive social space and learn about good food. Hone their paddle skills but also learn to make healthy juices, smoothies, and aguas frescas.

I have written the plan, dreamed up a menu, secured a space with flexible rent arrangements, a friend provided some design inspiration and helped me connect with three custom ping pong table donors. An at a garage sale I found my first “aguas fresca” jar for 2 dollars! I am volunteering my time and skills, not getting paid one cent. Just committed to providing a positive social space in my community.

Things are cooking! But I won't be able to do this without your help. While I can be very resourceful at the end of the day your financial help will make it possible for me to share a bit of my time and expertise with some youth this summer. Help us give our youth in Wilkinsburg a great experience this summer!


the steps

Once we have the money will be very busy, fixing our space up and getting it ready to open. We will paint, clean floors, install fixtures, decorate and pratice! practice! practice! making smoothies, juices, aguas frescas and panini's. Of course we will also do a little ping and pong to make sure we are up to snuff when you come visit. If you want to also put some elbow grease into our project and get involved please contact us!

why we're doing it

We love Wilkinsburg and many cool and positive things are happening here. Our pop-up spaces aim to serve as catalysts to drive positive change. We want an equitable and sustinable neighborhood. Our Ping & Pong Juice Bar will provide our youth a summer of fun, learning and great social experiences. We hope through this expereince we learn that we can take charge of our future and create the change we want.


Equipment $2,000.00
Game Stuff $600.00
Produce $900.00
Stipends $1,500.00
Project Total $5,000.00


Project Subtotal =  $5,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $150
Total to raise on ioby = $5,185



Funny Stuff, we don't need pretty pennies

Doing a pop-up would not be a pop-up with out surprises. For example, that we have zero dollars at this moment. But we have tons of good will, three custom ping pong table donors, a space we can use with flexible rent arrangements and my first aguas frescas jar for two dollars! Amazing stuff!

Probably the coolest update for the moment was a suggestion by my big sister. Those big sisters! What would we do without them. She suggested that we just do "aguas frescas", dump the juices and smoothies, keep it simple.

If you go to Mexico you may some time see an Aguas Frescas business. Large jars filled with naturally flavored waters. Some stands look like a box of crayons all sorts of colors! I just looked up a site and it has over 35 flavors to try! Guess what we will be doing this summer, trying "aguas frescas" recipes. The nice side effect is that we don't have to worry about composting tons of fruit waste, which juices do if you are not using a cold press, which costs a pretty penny. So now we don't need pretty pennies, We just need pennies! So please dig in your change purse and donate now!

Now less money will go to equipment and more to the youth. Yay


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