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the project

Plant Five for Life has a mission to connect children and families with nature from birth. Our core program gifts five trees to every child born in area hospitals and matches them to sites in need of ecological and social services near their home.

We believe that a child and a community of trees can grow alongside one another and teach about life, nurture and care. Trees provide for every chid's health and function as a support system; giving cleaner air, cleaner water, comfort through shade and cooling, food and social opportunity, places to gather and celebrate. 

Starting in April, we piloted this vision by planting 5,000 trees as a gift to 1,000 children born at Magee-Womens Hospital. The trees restored a former coal mine site to forest at Pittsburgh Botanic Garden. Families joined a planting celebration in October and had the opportunity to meet parents in their community with children the same age. 

With your contribution, we can further catalyze and expand this effort not only at Pittsburgh Botanic Garden, but reach to a variety of sites and neighborhoods throughout the city and county and give this gift of life to all children born all year round. We are raising funds from a variety of sources, but contributions from individuals would be meaningful and an important show of support while we continue to work with foundations and grant-makers and to develop our model to sustain a gift of trees to children long into the future. 

the steps

With additional donations in hand, we will extend the gift to more of the newly arrived children and their parents of our community and arrange for planting on publicly accessible sites already identfied and secured throughout the city and county.

Family Day celebrations will be held in the planting season after birth and are designed, in part, to connect parents with children of the same age in their community to one another and to resources in their community. 


why we're doing it

Environmental opportunity is often a matter of access and education, connection and engagement. A gift at birth cuts across all vulnerabilites. We believe that a child and a community of trees can grow alongside one another and teach about life, nurture and care. 

Committing to planting for all the children of Pittsburgh can help the city meet its own goals of planting 780,000 trees by 2030 to help mitigate rising CO2 levels and buffer climate change impacts. As nearly 13,000 children are born each year in the city, giving 5 trees per child results in 65,000 trees a year. 65,000 trees per year equals 780,000 trees by 2030 if we begin this year. 




Our first 5,000 trees will be planted in 2018 on a single site in Allegheny County with funding already secured by Plant Five for Life. Additional donations will allow for tree plantings on sites in Southside Park and Highland Park in additional to a myriad of other Pittsburgh City and Allegheny County sites. 


Project Subtotal =  $5,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $150
Total to raise on ioby = $5,185




1 month left!

We've come so close to reaching our goal, help us finish strong! As of 3/25/19 we only have $726 left to raise! Funds will go toward supporting our upcoming fruit tree planting with Hilltop Urban Farm.

Let's close out this campaign and plant trees!

As of today, we have $1,882.00 left to raise. We have multiple sites lined up and children we expect to be born at both the  Midwife Center and Magee this fall. Let's give them a gift we can all share and celebrate life together. Thanks in advance for your donation! It sends a strong message at only $1.00 level. Everything counts! 


Phase 2 - 50% Funded in 10 days - We can do it!

We met our 25% goal for a 5K fundraise. We have sites identified for planting in fall, protected from development and ready to receive the gifts for local children - helping to grow cleaner air and water for them. Let's not disappoint. Will you give these trees to the children with us through a contribution today? 

Even a $1 is a show of support - and it matters! 

Important Milestone Reached - 25% of our goal!

We succeeded in funding 25% of our goal! Our on-going ioby campaign gives everyone an opportunity to contribute a gift of five trees to every child born in Pittsburgh, all of which will be planted in the local communities of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Allegheny County.

Contributions have come in so far from Isabela Cajiao Angelelli, Chiara BattistoniSiemen Cox, Olivia and Drew Martin, Mark Slegers, Michele Palminteri, Nicole Laznovsky, Vinny Palminteri, Sandra P., Eugene S., Susan and Sam, Joe & Nancy Halter, Donna H., Susan Core, Cindy + Jamie, Healthy Habitats, Matty Lyndon, Tricia Lyndon, Marta R., C. Paterno, Hans Peter Schepp and four anonymous donors.

Thank you to all for the generosity! Each dollar of your donation will go directly to the gift and planting of trees! Every dollar matters and welcome contributions as small as $1.00! (You can specifiy the exact amount at the checkout). 

Onward to the next 25%!

Please share this news with five of your friends! 


Update as of Tuesday, May 2, 2018 - Progress!

Volunteers from around the community as well as staff from Pittsburgh Botanic Garden and Western Pennsylvania Conservancy came together along with Plant Five for Life to successfully plant 1,200 trees in the ground on Saturday, April 21st, 2018 on a former coal mine site. These are the first of 5,000 trees which will be planted before the end of October for 1000 children born at Magee-Women's Hospital this April and early May. 

We have since also evaluated two new planting sites in the Pittsburgh community, both publicly accessible and protected sites, for inclusion in our fall 2018 plantings.

Twenty six donors have contributed $1,276.00 dollars to our crowdfund campaign since we recently launched it and these funds will be utilized to continue a gift of five trees to children born in Pittsburgh. Additional gifts will help us to expand the gift to more children, connect more families to nature, and also to plant additional sites. 

Plant Five for Life now also benefits from fiscal sponsorship through New Sun Rising. Their 501c3 status and support further allows us to apply for grants with their adminstration of them. A show of broad based support through this crowdfund will only strenthen our funding applications. Thank you for your contribution and your continued help to spread the word! 



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