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the project

We are raising funds to complete a playground at Hillside Community Park. This 1.5 acre parcel is next to the RTA Blue/Green Rapid station on 79th Street and is highly used by those in the community, as 40% of the residents do not have access to cars. Originally, this site was strewn with trash, high grass and weeds, rusted playground equipment, and makeshift paths. More recently, Burten, Bell, Carr Development Inc. has turned this parcel into Hillside Community Park, complete with paths, benches, trees, and landscaping. The next step in the completion of the park is adding a playground.

Our team includes a group of young people from the neighborhood looking to rebuild the playground in partnership with BBC. Through a series of build days, led by the group, we taught neighborhood kids skills with power tools and building. By doing so, we built temporary play structures that shaped our understanding of what the kids of the community would want out of a playground at the park.

The group's name, dubbed 'The Hillsiders', is made up of talented young people who all live down the street from Hillside Park. The group includes Raeveon Camp (Age 18), Imani Dowry (Age 18), Marquez Hairston (Age 14), and Roman Anderson (Age 18). Be sure to stay tuned for exciting fundraising activities by them!

the steps

Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc. is working to secure several grant opportunities to realize the entire vision for the park. 

Recently, we sat down with the group involved in the build series to plan out specific playground equipment for the park. This included picking out a specific piece of equipment that they would like to fundraise for themselves. 

Once the campaign is complete, we will have a Playground Build Day and Celebration in the fall to build the playground in one weekend. 

why we're doing it

The neighborhoods surrounding the park consist of 41% of the population is between ages 0-17. With such a large percentage of children in the area, the need for quality play areas also increases. As we have already seen through our build day series, there is much interest in the playground at Hillside Park. The discussion around the playground has brought the kids of the neighborhood together, sharing their hopes and ideas for the park. The park is surrounded by residences and being located at the rapid station; it is readily available for those outside the community as well. Because it is at the transit stop, the park is a gateway into the community. Creating a park with a beautiful, new playground helps fight the various negative stigmas of the community.  


$ 5357.00 - The cost needed to build a Unity Teeter Tunnel, chosen by the youth of the neighborhood. 

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