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the project

Pretty Professionals is a Detroit based program with a mission to connect young women to opportunities. We provide a 6 week training course on business and leadership skills needed to actively seek out and maintain employment. High school women ages 14-17 are introduced to key skills such as personal pitching, networking, etiquette, social media responsibility, and diversity to begin developing a solid professional profile which is needed to remain competitive in today’s job market. Once trained, participants are matched with local business to participate in career focused internship to gain valuable experience.

As Founder, I am utilizing this platform to redirect career paths for African American young women and bridge the gap between youth and marketable employment skills. With your donation, my team and I are able to successfully facillitate workshops to included training materials, consultants, and tangible take away resources for participants to utilize throughout their career development. 



the steps

Quarterly workshops beginning Feb 18', May 18', Aug. 18', Nov. 18'

  • Engage high school women ages 14-17 to create interest in the program:
  • Utilize parents, schools, community organizaitons and social media to educate and inform participants of benefits and availability. 
  • Assemble team of certified teachers, professionals, and community partners to facillitate training sessions.
  • Solicit business community to identify strategic partners to serve as host internship assignments.



why we're doing it

Pretty Professionals works to directly impact a social problem among young women in my community. Oftentimes, younger women struggle with transitioning from an educational institution to a professional workplace setting which leads to more traditional first time employment in the fast food industry, labor, and smaller retail stores. The lack of job readiness skills and employment experience can contribute to younger women missing out on job opportunities that can give them a head start in their careers. We believe that early intervention of training, experience, and mentorship is key to resolving this issues.



Marketing/Advertising- $300

Business Toolkits- $500

Food / Beverages- $400 

Staff- $400  

Participant Takeaways (T-shirts, flashdrives, leadership books, headshots)- $400 


Project Subtotal =                                      $2,000

ioby Platform Fee=                                         $35

ioby fiscal sponsorship (5%)=                       $100

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)=             $60

Total to raise on ioby=                                 $2195



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