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the project

Wa'na Wanhi Community Action Committee is raising money to pick up a 96' Dodge Ram 15 passenger van and two truck loads of donations. The donations given to our program is a much needed blessing. We will be dispersing the donations to the families in the community. The van needs a new transmission but otherwise is in great shape. We will be using the van for our volunteer work. Our Community Action program is made up of Native youth volunteers ages 7-25 years. We put on youth events as well as workshops and mentoring projects.

Living in a very isolated rural area, we have to travel an hour to buy supplies in bulk. This van will alleviate some of our challenges in the work that we do. We will also utilize this vehicle to transport the volunteers to our project sites. Currently the vehicle is in California and needs to be brought to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota along with the donations. 

the steps

Once we have the funds available to us, our Assistant Director, Valerie Runs Above will be flying one way to San Fransico with her special needs daughter. Once there they will be traveling an hour north to supervise the pick up and transportation of the donations and the van. She will pay for the storage units that have been housing the donations. Then she will picking up and pay for the UHaul truck. After she picks up the UHaul she will gather volunteers to load the trucks. She will then oversee the loading of the van onto the Long Haul Loader. After everything is ready, she will follow the Long Haul Truck through five states for three days to the final destination, the Pine Ridge Reservation.

why we're doing it

We are totally committed to helping an area that struggles economically and has very little financial resources. We at Wa'na Wanhi Community Action Committee are made up of youth volunteers living on and around the Pine Ridge Reservation. There are 50,000 tribal members living on a reservation that only has three stores and six gas stations that spans over 2.1 million acres. The reservation has an 80% unemployment rate and is listed as the second most impoverished area in the United States. Unfortunately, most tribal members do not have access to transportation needed to reach these businesses that are necessary for survival on the reservation. It's imperative to teach self-motivation and self-reliance. It is equally imperative to bring resources that aren't locally available. Being based in an isolated area, accessing even basic fundamental items locally is a challenge. The items in the storage we are trasporting will meet a variety of needs such as educational, arts, household, and furniture. The vehicle we are bringing back will be used utilized in our future community empowerment projects.



Long Haul Truck- $3,200

U-Haul- $1,600

One way Flight for staff to help drive back U-haul- $800

Storage payment- $1,768

Meals and Lodging- $1,082

S.D. Storage- $850



ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $507
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $304
TOTAL TO RAISE = $10,147




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