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the project

We have a mission to beautify our community and we need YOUR help!!

We are engaging neighbors in our hood one block at a time. We are striving to achieve community, family and self-development. Gardening, composting, recycling, employment, cooking workshops, financial seminars, skills trade training and physical wellness courses are just a few of the programs and changes we bring to the now empty, blighted and gloomy spaces we call our community.

With YOUR generous and appreciated donation, we will be able to purchase garden tools, seeds, soil, worms for vermiculture, nets for the basketball and tennis courts. We are driven to minimize poverty & poor health in Detroit by educating & employing our community members with farming, food, music, dance, sports, fitness, herbology, natural hair care, recycling and compost. We are committed to creating longlasting & impactful lifestyle changes. 

PLEASE support us on this journey! 

the steps

It's time to dig in!!!!! With YOUR support we will purchase verything we need to be impactful! We begin with a tiller to break up the ground. After the ground is broken up, turned, fed some nutrients and compost we will prepare beds for seeds and transplants. As soil prepares we will install basketball rims and tennis nets in the play area. The following day we will plant seeds and transplants into ground. After all produce and flowers are planted we will begin tranforming the "Healing Space". In transforming that space we will build a bonfire, washing station and day spa. 

why we're doing it

Neighbors in the area have almost nothing creative, impactful, educational nor enjoyable to do in this area! It is very unispiring to see emptiness and abadonment everyday. We need freshness, resources, reliability, love, truth and movement to become impactful and self sustaining. The closest grocery store isn't even the city's limits (Mazen on Kelly Rd) and Mike's Market on Gratiot are a complete disgust but the only available in the area. The fresh produce section in both "markets" are very unattractive, you can smell the order of meat as you walk in the doors.The garden will not only grow food but we will have a market that operates daily.We will offer produce delivery to our community members via bicycle. With creating this 'Healing Space" and growing food naturally; we expose each other to endless levels of imagination, interactive education and involvement in community efforts. When people show passionate interest, the world can change. We are here to create culture. The creation and contiunation of civilation rests in the information shared within the community. It's time for a change. Its time for Revolution Community!


Cost of operation: $22,012

Outdoor Classroom: tents, tables, chalkboard and chairs $2,000

11 Instructors @ $12 an hour for 72hrs $6,912

Break, Lunch and Snack $3,000

Operating Equipment (for registration, notifying neighbors & parents of events): printer, laptop, paper and ink $2,000

Course Equipment: Cameras, Basketballs, Basketball Rims, Tennis Nets, Volleyball Court Setup, Horseshoe Setup, Paint, Paintbrushes, Aprons, Used Trumpets, Used Drums, Used Clarinets, Used Saxophone, Used Keyboard, Notebooks, Gloves, Mobile Cooking Stoves $7,000

Garden Needs: Seeds, Transplants, Soil, Compost, Shovels, Rakes, Hos and Tiller $1,110

Project Subtotal =  $22,012
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $1,101
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $660
Total to Raise on ioby = $23,808



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