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the project

Roanoke Community Garden Association manages 5 community gardens in the city of Roanoke, VA. One of our very small gardens - which currently has the capacity to serve 4 gardeners - is located in a wonderful, quiet space with a grassy park and gazebo.

But the garden beds there are in disrepair and need to be replaced ASAP so our current registered gardeners can start planting by the beginning of the gardening season. RCGA will replace these beds with even larger beds (4x12) for more growing space.

Our Day Avenue gardeners currently can't plant in these beds because they are falling apart.

But there is more! We have received permission from the landowners to expand the garden so we can serve more residents in the community! This would allow RCGA to serve an additional 5 gardeners. Old, unused beds on the other side of the park will be rebuilt and put to use to grow more fresh food.

We envision this space as a lovely quiet community green space - with new garden beds and trellises - helping more low-income residents become sustainable and healthy. We'd love to have this completed by the beginning of the gardening season this year.

the steps

Raise funds through crowdfunding and donations.

Source materials from local supply chain.

Recruit volunteer groups and community members to rebuild beds.

Celebrate a revitalized community garden!

why we're doing it

RCGA's Day Ave. community garden has always been our smallest but has great potential. With this project, we can renovate and expand the garden to serve more residents in an area with low access to garden space. 


Supplies to replace garden beds:

$80 buys lumber/hardware for one complete garden bed x 20 beds = $1600
$50 fills approximately 7 garden beds - so $7 fills one bed = $350
$50 miscellaneous garden tools / supplies = $50

Project Subtotal =  2,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $60
Total to Raise on ioby = $2,095



Matching donor challenge!


Great news! Double your donation dollars! We have a matching donor challenge! For every dollar raised by March 13, 2017 an anonymous donor will donate up to $1000. We could have this project funded in 2 weeks! That's just 40 donors donating $25 each. Let's do this!


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