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the project

We are collecting funds to buy items for immediate relief of many people that are victims of Sandy. The need is great and very , very urgent. We are volunteers based in Queens and we are all set up to help. All we need is some money to get the needed supplies and we will hit the ground running to provide relief. Its getting colder, so we need to act fast. Thanks for your support and help.

the steps

Get the word out and raise funds to buy the needed supplies. We are ready and mobilized and will do this quickly and without any red tape. These people need help NOW!

why we're doing it

This could happen to any of us at any time. This is the right thing to do as our volunteers were lucky not to lose power, heat and their houses. We are able and willing-and this is our obligation to help our fellow residents in need.


300 pairs of warm socks @3.00  =  900.00
100 pairs of assorted  footwear@30.00 = 3000.00
50  multipacks of under clothes-assorted sizes @ 8.00 per pack = 400.00
100 shirts sweaters etc @5.00 each = 500.00
100 pairs of gloves@5.00 per = 500.00
total project budget requested:  5300.00
materials and labor: 35.00
3rd party processing fee: 159.00
total to raise: $5494.00



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