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the project

The project is based on the love that I have for the landscape of the inner city and the people who live there.  To do what we have always done, create something valuable from the things that others have discarded and make the abandoned environment something of beauty and pride.  I was chosen to place a piece of artwork created from discarded cans in an abandoned field this summer and was able to see the transformation of the area and the attitude of those who walked pass it.  Art that is explorable and created from common materials can inspire others to see the beauty in their surroundings and affect change in a neighborhood that would result in less trash dumping, more pride for the residents, and more community beautification projects.

the steps

The steps that will be taken:  1. scout for a site and check the site for materials that can be used as part of the project.  2. purchase 20,000lbs. of re-cycled aluminum.           3. Locate the rigging and moving company so that they will know when and where to pickup the material and the site to deliver it too.   All of this will happen within the first weeks of  January 2019.  All of the painting of the sculpture and preparation of the  site will have been completed prior to delivery to the chosen site.

why we're doing it

Our motivation is to beautify neighborhoods, inspire change and increase property values and pride.


I will need "$15,000!!!!!" for "SCRAP-ALUMINUM-METAL!!!!!"

(2) There will be a cost of "$5,000!!!!!" for the moving and installation of the "SCULPTURE!!!!!!"

(3) $5,000.00 for artist cost and labor.

Subtotal = $25,000

ioby Platform Fee $35

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $1,250

Donation Processing Fee (3%) $750

Total to raise = $27,035


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