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the project

Spirit’s Rooftop Garden (SRG) is designed to inspire environmental responsibility, build community involvement, and promote overall sustainability within Pittsburgh’s hospitality industry.  It is the natural next step for our unique business; one which advances Spirit’s sustainability goals, engages the community, and harnesses our never-ending creative drive. The SRG includes: 2,000 square ft of Solar Panels for on-site renewable power generation, 1,000 sq ft of Green Space to grow food for Spirit and our neighbors, a 50-person Event Space that doubles as an educational area, and 5,000 sq ft of Insulated Roofing to help dampen noise levels for our Lawrenceville neighbors.

Spanning 5,000 sq ft, our rooftop is an ideal platform to grow food and improve the environmental footprint of the building and surrounding area. With space for over 1000 sq ft of garden beds, hoop houses, and a small apiary for bees, the roof will be transformed into a lush, green microcosm that embodies the full scope of restaurant sustainability. Rainwater catchment systems will help decrease local stormwater runoff and pollution. Solar panels will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by over 20 metric tons annually (that's equivalent to 51,000 miles--or driving around the earth’s circumference twice!) By partnering with local builders, organizations, and farms, we aim to increase access to urban agriculture in Pittsburgh and educate citizens about the importance of supporting a sustainable local food system.


In order to get this exciting project off the ground, we need a boost-literally! Help us complete Phase 1 of Spirit’s Rooftop Garden and get us up on that roof! Your backing will provide the very foundation of this project on which we can build: revamping the roof’s insulation (which also helps curb noise), building stairs to make the roof accessible to our future gardeners, and welding structural supports to the building.  From there, we can begin working toward our next installation phase of planter beds and hoop houses to grow flowers, salad greens, veggies, and lots of herbs (for your pizza, of course), a rainwater catchment and irrigation system, and then bring in those bees. Spirit’s community of loyal supporters is vital to move this project forward and we thank you!










the steps

Phase I ($50,000): Up on the Roof - Begins April 2018

Build stairs to access the roof

Weld roof joists to make the building structurally-sound

Seal Roof to help contain noise and better insulation

Install Solar Panels for renewable power generation (Pending sponsorship)


Phase II: Get 'er Growing (Begins August 2018)

Build Planter Boxes for growing fresh veggies, flowers, and herbs

Install Hoop Houses to extend our growing season

Hire Gardener, establish a management plan, and develop programming

Bring in an Apiary and its Queen Bee for some hyperlocal honey production

Install Rainwater Catchment & Irrigation Systems  

Create walkways and access with rubber pavers


Phase III: Sealing the Deal - Patio Installation

Install Shade Tent for events and educational programming

Build Tables and Chairs for farm to table dinners and events

Pretty up the Patio with Aesthetics from local builders and artists

Prepare for upkeep and winterization


why we're doing it

We are leaders for positive change within the hospitality industry. Since Spirit’s inception, this has been a driving force in how our business operates and engages with the community. Our previous establishment of a shared garden space adjacent to our property has given neighboring businesses a place to grow, a space for the community to gather, couples to wed, and provides rich educational opportunities. This rooftop garden is our next giant leap that will enable us to build a stronger business that contributes to the community while demonstrating more care for our planet.


Here’s how we do it rooftop-style:

  • A green roof installation improves the local environment and with it, the local community.
  • Solar panels reduce our need for reliance on fossil fuels and reduce ghastly emissions that threaten our environment.
  • Rainwater capture and irrigation systems for the fruits, veggies, and herbs help us to conserve one of nature’s most precious resources.  Not to mention growing more of our own food year-round for your delicious pizzas, salads, and weekend brunches is better for you, us, and the earth.
  • Supporting a sustainable local food system is paramount and we have many passionate organizations doing some fantastic work within this realm throughout our region.  So, we’ve decided to dedicate a portion of this rooftop space for sustainable and food-based educational programming as well as an incubator for partner sustainability projects.  
  • Our roof boasts a spectacular view of the city and is the perfect setting for weddings, VIP events, and a unique place to showcase local farms and guest chefs through farm to table dinners.


By transforming our roof into an innovative greenspace, we help reduce the negative impacts of urban development while providing numerous environmental, social, and economic benefits and long-term sustainability. Through the Spirit Rooftop Garden, we improve stormwater management, conserve energy, increase the longevity of the roof, reduce the noise for our neighbors, clean the air, sequester carbon, provide wildlife habitat and a space for urban agriculture and education, offer a healthier environment to work and live, and are actively working to build a better food system.


We believe that Spirit’s community of steadfast supporters is our greatest asset to helping us become stronger environmental stewards and better neighbors.  We couldn’t have gotten where we are without you and we thank you for the continued loyalty in this next chapter.  






Phase I: $50,000

Stairs to Roof

Roof Support

Roof Sealing

Solar Panel Installation


Project Subtotal =  $50,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $1,500
Total to raise on ioby = $51,535



Phase II, future: 

Planter Boxes

Hoop Houses




Phase III, future: 

Patio Seating

Patio Shade/Tenting

Farm Table and Chairs


Garden Upkeep



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