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the project

In the fall of 2017, the Town would like to expand the facilities at Sullivan Park and use it as a multi-seasonal area. The M.J. Sullivan Park was established in 1967, improvements were made in 2001, but this underdeveloped park is screaming for some upgrades!  Installing tarmac this fall,installation of an rink liner and flooding the area in the winter will enable it to be used for ice skating and hockey.   A changing hut and seating areas will also be installed. This would also include installing basketball hoops at each end and painting court lines for basketball games and shooting practice in the spring/summer of 2018. 

This skating rink/basketball court will provide additional areas of exercise opportunity for all residents of the Town of Peru regardless of gender, age or ability. Located within the Peru hamlet, there is plenty of parking and the sidewalk system and the recently constructed Walking Trail provides ideal accessibility for all.  

For every dollar that is donated, New York State Health Foundation will match up to $10,000!  

The start up of this project will require borrowing from the Town savings until the donations and match monies are obtained. 

the steps

Fall/Winter of 2017 - The area has already been measured, leveled and enclosed with wood last year.  We will take the intermediate step to install the subbase in which we can add the liner since we are eager to see residents skating this winter.   We would like to have volunteers to help design and build a "changing hut" to allow the skaters to change their boots to skates out of the elements.  We will need to paint this building in the Spring and possibly put up some signage thanking the donors and community involvement.  

Spring 2018 - As the snow melts and we are all looking forward to spring weather,  we will install the tarmac for permanent usage.  Basketball nets will be installed and the tarmac will be painted to allow for basketball courts.  We will also need a couple of permanent garbage cans to keep the area clean and tidy.   Since there is a large area surrounding the rink/courts possibly a few picnic tables could be donated or built by some handy volunteers!

We are also looking for memorial benches to be purchased in honor of a loved one or an organization.  This will allow people of all ages to sit and watch their family and friends enjoy this area! 

why we're doing it

Our goals are to bring recreation areas to the Town of Peru that can be used during all seasons.  We are also hoping to bring the entire community together during the fundraising process, exchanging of ideas and implementation of the project.   Getting out in the fresh air helps engage minds and bodies for a healthier and meaningful  lifestyle for everyone!

Your ideas and donations no matter how small or large can bring great results.   Volunteers are always welcome!

Please join our team in making our great town even better!


Disbursed Budget 9.25.18

Raised = $13,730.00
less ioby Platform Fee $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $398.88
Total to Disburse = $13,296.12

Original Budget

Sub-base, Dense Binder, Blacktop              $9,600

Blacktop install & Equipment                        $5,000

Ice Rink Liner Kit & Installation                     $1,000

Painting of Court, Basketball Net Systems   $1,500

Changing Hut                                                $1,000

Benches                                                        $1,200

Subtotal = $19,300
ioby Platform Fee $35
Donation Processing Fee of 3% $579
Total to raise = $19,914


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  • Peru Lions Club
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  • Padron Family
  • David and Roberta Sullivan
  • Sullivan Orchards, Inc.
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  • Dustin Family
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  • Courtney Kaitlin Keira Tetrault
  • Judy & Bob Akey
  • Brielle Phillips
  • Taptick Family
  • Danielle G.
  • The Moffetts
  • Burnham Benefit Advisors
  • Bob Guynup
  • Peru Farm Center
  • AES Northeast
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  • Peru Fire Department
  • Beckie and Stacy Greenhaw
  • Dan & Carol Rock
  • The Trumper Family
  • Pamela Barber