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The Bakery Society Pittsburgh is more than a bakery. We provide space and training for budding entrepreneurs to develop their skills, learn the nuances of starting a business, and advertise their brand. We also understand the importance of community, offering fun, social baking classes to adults and free classes to children that pique their interest in the world of food and baking.

While we want to provide the best for our entrepreneurs and get additional equipment to enhance the experience. We are currently raising money to purchase a new oven and mixers that will better accommodate our community classes. Additionally, money raised will help make classes more sustainable. We hope to continue offering free baking classes for children ages 8-16 each month.


Help TBSP raise the standard for baking education and entrepreneurship.

the steps

An oven and mixers will be purchased after collecting donations. These items will be implemneted in the next cycle of classes in April.

why we're doing it

While many people might take joy in baking and sharing their products with others, the world of professional baking is inaccessible without the right training. With the addition of new equipment, our entrepreneurial training will accommodate the needs of our talented bakers.

This equipment will also serve our community classes, including classes for local children ages 8-16 and hope to show children how they can take ownership over the food they eat, how they can learn a productive skill, and even how baking can be a viable and successful career option.

By helping the baking community in Pittsburgh to thrive, TBSP will spur further economic development and encourage valuable skill-building among the community.


$2500 toward a new oven

$500 for mixers

$2000 to make classes more sustainable



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ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $150




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