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the project

Taking Liberty is a greenification and beautification project to reawaken the sustainable roots of the diverse cultures of Southern Queens and transform local public spaces into healing spaces with native trees, tree guards, tree beds, sidewalk benches, and potted planters lining Liberty Avenue.

the steps

  • Collaboration with local organizations, artists, activists, residents, and students.
  • Establishing donated items/funding and volunteers for each part of the long-term process.

why we're doing it

SustyQ creates and inspires ideas for the greater good. Taking Liberty focuses on making a clean and safe common public space accessible for all members of our immigrant community in Southern Queens. There are overflowing and smelly trash bins lining Liberty Avenue. There is an obvious lack of trees, neglected tree beds, and nowhere for anyone to sit and relax outdoors. There are no recycling bins in the streets to enforce responsible habits. The daffodils will bring some cheer and memory of those lost on 9/11. The marigolds have spiritual significance, healing properties, and attract local pollinators.

We are addressing environmental and community challenges by creating a space where residents can stop for a moment, enjoy the green beauty of their neighborhood, and meet their neighbors. We are engaging elders who have memories of lush tropical lands in conversations with parents and students. We will work together with local businesses and organizations to beautify our neighborhood with native trees from MillionTreesNYC, tree guards, tree beds showcasing NY4P's Daffodil Project, sidewalk benches, and potted planters with marigolds and wildflowers lining Liberty Avenue.


100 MillionTreesNYC Native Street Trees

20 Sidewalk Benches $10,000 

100 Tree Guards $2,500

Compost for Tree Beds $1,000 

Soil for Tree Beds $1,000 

Daffodil Bulbs from NY4P ($0)

Gardening Tools $1,000

Gardening Gloves $500 

100 each of SustyQ T-Shirts, Caps and Tote Bags for Volunteers and Giveaways $1,000 

2lbs of Marigold Seeds $50 

Food, water, beverages, snacks for volunteers $1,000

Local marketing Information (posters, flyers, post cards, etc.) $700

Total project cost = $18750

Third party credit card processing (3%) = $562.50
ioby materials and labor = $35

Total to raise = $19,347.50


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  • Pamela L.
  • Brendan C.
  • Romesha B.
  • Rocky P.
  • John R.
  • Anne G.
  • Aniel B.
  • Lori M.
  • Olayemi A.
  • Anitta S.
  • Alexander C.
  • Dominique B.
  • Nafeeza S.
  • Roy S.
  • Jennifer K.
  • Eliza S.
  • Gina B.
  • Edisa W.
  • Desiree Kristina R.
  • Keely N.
  • Anandi P.
  • Torsten F.
  • John B.