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the project

In 2019, The First Unitarian Church of Cleveland and the Universalist Congregation of Cleveland reunified after decades apart and are now renamed the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Cleveland (UUCC). The congregation gathers at the landmark First Unitarian Church home on Shaker Blvd in the Mercer/Belvoir Oval neighborhood. Its building is home to many programs and people and its backyard is a draw for all ages - from the permaculture gardens to the playground. 

Kids from the congregation and surrounding neighborhood have gathered at the playground in the UUCC's backyard for many decades. Last summer, a few kids from the neighborhood had the idea to talk to the chuch about how they'd like to help them improve the wooden playground, which had aged overtime and needed some TLC. So, they got together and wrote a letter to the church to ask if the UUCC leadeership would be interested and from there a church-neighborhood partnership was born! Interest was high to address the safety concerns urgently and discuss short and long term playground improvement ideas.

Over the cold months, the conversation evolved and more people joined the planning. The church-neighborhood partnership has evolved, too. On June 30th the UUCC is hosting a Common Ground discussion in partnership with The Cleveland Foundation. 

the steps

1. Rent truck to transport mulch and bring to the playground. Church and neighborhood volunteers will lay a thick layer to cover the exposed root system and build the ground cover across the playground area. 

2. Purchse DIY materials and build new playground items from simple materials (balance beam, tetherball, see saw, bench). 

3. Rent auger and purchase cement to secure select items into the ground.

4. Purchase and install new large climbing structure.

Any remaining money raised will go to the church to use toward the maintenance and/or construction of an entirely new playground in the future.

why we're doing it

Playgrounds are a great way to bring people together, build social connections, and be active outside. The UUCC and its neighbors are excited explore what it takes to make a good neighborhood environment for people of all ages. Starting with this initiative, the church/neighbor partnership plans to improve the playground and make it a fun and safe place for our community to enjoy.


Updated budget 7.17.19:

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $125

Original Budget:

Mulch Transportation: $200

-Free mulch from the City of Shaker Heights with own transportation

DIY Playground Equipment Supplies (balance beam, tetherball, see saw, sitting bench, picnic table): $400

-Wood, hardware, other materials included in the plans

Concrete and Auger: $150

-Supplies to secure new equipment in the ground

New Climbing Structure (+ installation): $1,500

-To accomodate wide age range and climbing abilities

ioby Platform Fee     $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $78
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $2,613


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