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the project

WORK LOCAL is an innovative program designed to improve our community through job access and blight reduction. WORK LOCAL will transport job-seeking panhandlers to cleanup sites twice a week, where they will work to reduce urban blight. Workers are provided with food, a day’s wages, and additional services and counseling as needed.

Projected Impact in First Year:

• 1,040 daily jobs provided

• 104 blight abatement projects completed 

• 80 clients moved into permanent jobs

the steps

• Pick up panhandlers

• Clean up work sites

• Offer support

• Engage local agencies, businesses and individuals to expand impact 

why we're doing it

WORK LOCAL  focuses on three goals:

• Provide a safer way to earn money than panhandling

• Connect people who panhandle with available services and resources to move them toward better futures

• Contribute to the beautification of Memphis by cleaning up blighted areas of our city


Project elevate payroll.

10 participants/ day @ $45/day = 450; 104 days a year (pilot) = $46,800

SUBTOTAL = $46,800
ioby Platform Fee waived
Donation Processing Fee of 3%  waived
TOTAL TO RAISE = $46,800



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  • S Carlson
  • Maddy Landrum-Noe & Jen Harrison
  • Joe Rashid
  • Lori Greene
  • Bobby Dixon
  • Anonymous
  • Salant Jambor Folk
  • Portia P.
  • Anonymous
  • Kimberly M.
  • Emmy G.
  • Anonymous
  • Monte
  • Naomi R.
  • Jenna W.
  • Katie T.
  • Perry Sponseller
  • Suzanne Wexler
  • Runar J.
  • Michele L.
  • Cassandra M.
  • Paul R.
  • Marcy S.
  • Elizabeth M.
  • Anonymous
  • Ashley Gerst
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Community Foundation of Greater Memphis
  • Bob and Laura Moore
  • Cheryl Taylor
  • Drs Landon and Donna Pendergrass in honor of Christine Todd
  • Webb Sisters
  • Anonymous
  • dca
  • R. McDermott
  • Tracy Wiswall
  • Anonymous
  • David Ridenhour
  • Christina R
  • Jim & Robin C.
  • Anonymous
  • Erin Barnes
  • Corey and Michelle Epps
  • Katie S.
  • Stacey Greenberg
  • Doug Carpenter & Associates