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the project

You’re.On.Up (Y.O.U) is an application that helps high-school students and young adults find their identity, get motivated about life, and develop self-regulation.

You’re.On.Up’s interactive planners, daily journals, calendars, interactive vision board, and reminders of your self-worth ensures college and life success as self-regulation becomes second nature and your dreams become your lifestyle.

Y.O.U wants its users to have mental growth and personal regulation, and intends to heighten the number of adults with better education, careers, and self-reliancy in Memphis and soon across the nation. Y.O.U needs YOU and your funding and support to help Y.O.U begin to to change the minds of our, change the Memphis community, and soon change this word!

the steps

Y.O.U needs to spread the word by pitching and marketing to potential users and partners. Partners will help Y.O.U reach our targetted audience and begin to have an imact in our community. Y.O.U also needs to fundraise for an application developer that will fix bugs and add new features and functions to the app. 

why we're doing it

In Memphis, 84% of students graduate from high-school, but only about 25% obtain a bachelor's degree/or some form of  better education. This two statistics means that about 59% of our high-schoolers aren’t attaining some form of better education after high-school.

Many educational psychologists have found that the cause of this is the lack of self-regulation among high-school graduates. Self-regulation is believed to make many graduates successful at applying for college, graduating from post-secondary education, and obtain some form of better education to be career ready.

Having more self-regulated, determined, and career ready citizens is essential for post-secondary success and the growth of a city- and I'm determined to make this happen for Memphis!

My service project for Memphis is an iOS application titled You're.On.Up (Y.O.U.). Y.O.U. is

utilizes daily journals, calendars, interactive planners, customizable vision boards, and positive notifications to help teenagers find their identity, get motivated about life, and above all help teenagers develop self-regulation. Over time Y.O.U will help the Memphis community become more self-assured, healthy, driven, and innovative.

Through Y.O.U. I also intend to eliminate insecurity and anxiety among teens. These experiences forces students to question themselves and their potential, but in a self-deprecating way. Because I have experienced this myself, I know how damaging and depressing it is to feel alone and stuck, and I’m here to help other teenagers who feel stuck by helping them develop self-regulation.


We are paying for the service of a second application developer. Y.O.U needs fuding for Facebook promotions, flyers, and other advertising.

SUBTOTAL = $1,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $50
Donation Processing Fee (3%) $30



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