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One of ioby's founding principles is that people who live in a community know what's best for the community. As a result, we take a non-expert role in the tools we provide. Instead, we let ioby project leaders themselves tell their own story of how they were able to successfully complete their projects. These tips, techniques and lessons learned are collected and distributed in a toolkit we call Recipes for Change. Co-authored with the design platform Places for All, we created this toolkit to reach a particular segment of ioby's base: those without regular access or knowledge of the Internet. 


ioby is a crowd-resourcing platform because good ideas need more than just money. We allow emerging leaders in urban areas to share their environmental ideas and projects to build a community of likeminded people. It is our intention to build the toolkit in both hard and digital versions, to better serve our base and to make ioby an idea-sharing platform that could bring about the crowd-accelerated innovation the environmental community so urgently needs. 

If you'd like to order a hard copy of this toolkit, please email A downloadable PDF version will be available soon.