People are the key to taking care of the Earth, and your vision for your neighborhood with more sunshine, open space and greenery for your community is the first step to stewardship.

with ioby i could be (insert reimagination here)

So join your neighbors in reimagining your city and share whatever it you see for that special spot near your home or office that needs a little TLC.

What you need
•    a camera phone
•    a marker
•    an imagination
•    a big heart

Step 1: Download the Sign

Step 2: Reimagine your City
Find a space near your home or office that could use some ioby love. Imagine what that space could be and fill in the blank in a big bold marker how you've reimagined the space.

Step 3: Do a photo shoot with your sign!
Snap a photo on your camera phone with you, or a friend, in it. Be sure to include the environment around it so people can have some context for what the sign says.

Step 4: Email the photo to REIMAGINE@IOBY.ORG.
Be sure to include your location in your email.

Things to keep in mind
1. Keep it clean and friendly, but use your imagination. The more creative the better!
2. Don't suggest illegal things.
3. Email it to reimagine@ioby.org
4. Join us on facebook.com/ioby.org.