environmental projects


Kids like to get messy! But most kids spend their days inside a classroom being told to sit still, raise their hands, take tests and keep their voices down. That's why we've compiled this free guide to launching your environmental project! 

Whether your school is located in a big city or a small town, the environment is a natural extension of the classroom that can be experienced constantly—from stormwater runoff collecting to fresh vegetables being served in the cafeteria. Not only is an environmentally friendly, outdoor or green classroom a great tool for learning abstract, academic concepts; it’s also a great way to make interdisciplinary connections.

We understand that time is limited and budgets are tight, so we've created a list of five simple projects any classroom can do in five easy steps with less than $500. So roll up your sleeves and get ready to get messy!

This FREE Guide to Environmental Projects in Schools includes:

  • How to start a school garden
  • How to start a compost program
  • How to start a healthy food culture at your school
  • How to bring green infrastructure to your school
  • How to build a raised bed
  • A timeframe, budget and supplies list for each project
  • Additional resources

...and more!