For many of us, the bus or subway provides a critical link from home to work, school, and family and friends. Yes, transit makes enormous contributions to a city, reducing congestion by keeping cars off the road and helping to keep the air cleaner. But, taking a bus or train also benefits us personally, inserting short walks into our days for a healthier lifestyle, and connecting us socially to our drivers and fellow passengers. And every trip starts with one step in our own neighborhood. 

In this guide, we've compiled a list of five creative ways to engage with your neighbors and city officials to improve your public transit—all while improving the commute for many in your community. 

This free guide to improving your public transport includes:

- Creative transit improvements beyond the bench
- How to activate your bus stop 
- How to apply plaza principles to transit
- How to make transit hubs safe by using intersection repair 
- How to create a network of "sharing stops" for expanded transit access 
- A timeframe, budget and supplies list for each project
- Additional resources
...and more! 

From improving your local transit to winter community projects and more, check out our other free downloadable guides and start making positive change in your community.