Campaigns that RESIST!

by ioby
June 20, 2017

At ioby, we believe that neighbors are best positioned to identify and lead positive change within their own communities. While we are mission-driven to support leaders in neighborhoods that have been historically disinvested, we don’t come up with ideas for projects. We just do all we can to support leaders in planning, funding, and carrying […]

VIDEO: Barrier Free, a socially engaged art installation

by ioby
June 14, 2017

Barrier Free is a socially engaged art installation designed by artist Yancy Villa-Calvo for Latino Memphis about the impact of barriers. A direct response to the Border Wall proposal and other policies that threaten to divide Latino families and vulnerable families, this piece asks residents to participate by imagining that a loved one has gone […]

AWESOME PROJECT: Help Gowanus take on toxic sludge, climate change, unethical developers, and Brooklyn gentrification

by ioby

Architect David Briggs first got interested in the Gowanus Canal because it happened – in all its stinky, historical glory – to be on his jogging route. The infamous federal Superfund site is hard to miss. During the last century, it was an unregulated dumping ground for industrial wastes ranging from slaughterhouse blood to tanning […]

Q & A with Ifeoma Ebo: Community-led design for safety

by ioby
June 6, 2017

Is there a place in your neighborhood that feels unsafe? Maybe an empty lot, a corner obscured by overgrown plants, or a dark passageway between buildings? Have you ever wondered what could make your public spaces feel safer, but don’t particularly relish ideas   like flood lighting, razor wire, or increased police presence? What can   you […]

The Rainmakers: John Bailey of Saint Paul Tool Library

by ioby
June 2, 2017

While the average budget for ioby projects is around $4,000, many are larger scale. If you have your sights set high, your budget—and fundraising skills—will have to rise to the challenge. Crowdfunding large amounts of money on ioby is totally doable, but it takes some extra planning. In our Rainmakers series, we’re sharing stories and […]