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Ten Year Stories: Roundhouse Revival

In some ways, Memphians’ shared history is hidden underneath the Mid-South Coliseum’s grand dome that once proudly proclaimed the home of the Grizzlies and the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll. Though some of its grandeur has faded–mold and asbestos lurk in the building that’s been shuttered since 2006–if you ask any Memphian about it there’s a good chance they have fond memories of the coliseum.

“One of the things that really touched people about the Coliseum almost more than anything,” says Roy Barnes, President of the Coliseum Coalition, “even more than Monday night wrestling or Larry Finch leading the state Tigers to the national championship in 1973, which are of course very important, is that so many people graduated in that building. Whether it was Memphis State, Christian Brothers University, or high schools all over the region–it wasn’t even just Memphis high schools. It was a launching pad for people moving from their past to their future, literally.”

Barnes heads the Coliseum Coalition, a group of Memphians who came together in 2015 committed to that vision of the Mid-South Coliseum–a Coliseum that hosts precious memories for countless Memphians and a Coliseum that, in their vision, still had more to share, if only it had the chance. Continue reading Ten Year Stories: Roundhouse Revival