About ioby

ioby is a national nonprofit organization with offices in Miami and in Brooklyn, our headquarters. We incorporated in July 2008, and launched ioby in beta in April 2009. We began operations as a NYC pilot in January 2010.

Our name is derived from the opposite of NIMBY. We have a mission to deepen civic  engagement in cities by connecting individuals directly to community-led, neighbor-funded civic projects in their neighborhoods. We do this primarily through our web-based crowd-resourcing platform. 

Crowd-resourcing is a word we created in 2011 combining the concepts of crowd-funding (the ability to pool small donations made online to a specific cause or project) and resource organizing (a core tenet of community organizing that considers activists and advocates the best supporters to ensure financial sustainability of a cause or project). Crowd-resourcing allows leaders to organize all types of capital -- financial capital, social capital, in-kind donations, public support -- from within the neighborhood where they are working. We believe that crowd-resourcing is a powerful way to prove community support and ensure long-term stewardship of a project.  

The name of our organization is always written in all lower case letters: ioby. It's pronounced eye-OH-be, and rhymes with Nairobi.

For more information about ioby, visit our about section and our help section.



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