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We're More than Halfway There!

the project

Your donation will help create a video highlighting Freshkills Park during its transformation from landfill to park.

At 2,200 acres, Freshkills Park is the largest landfill-to-park project in the world. Raised funds will be used to work with Staten Island-based artist Michael McWeeney to develop a video about Freshkills Park during its transformation. Using the art of storytelling and digital narrative, interviews with researchers, engineers, and local residents will explore the subject of the new grassland habitat that has formed and brought many species of birds to Staten Island. The video will be available as a free educational resource and shared during public programs that promote environmental awareness!

Your donation will be doubled.

Every donation counts and will be matched through the Power Up Match Challenge! This program is made possible with the generous support of Con Edison.

the steps

  • OVER THE SUMMER: Staten Island-based artist/videographer Michael McWeeney will interview researchers, engineers, and local residents, and shoot video footage at Freshkills Park.
  • IN EARLY FALL: When the video is complete, we will share it with the community with a free screening and digital distribution.
  • AFTER THAT: The video will be available for free online and shared with educators as a classroom resource.

why we're doing it

The unique history and future of Freshkills Park serve as a poignant backdrop for educating the public about waste reduction and ecological benefits. The transformational story has the power to increase environmental awareness and encourage stewardship of reclaimed landscapes. This video will expand our reach to wider and more diverse audiences, leading to an increase in informed environmental advocates.


Updated budget (4.18.18).

We have adjusted our video scope our project costs have been reduced. Please see our new budget below:

Camera Rentals - $2,500 

Creative and Assistant Crew Fees - $1,000 

Post-production - $2,000 


ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $165
TOTAL TO RAISE ON ioby= $5,700


Original budget:

Camera Rentals - $2,500 

Creative and Assistant Crew Fees - $3,000 

Post-production - $2,000

ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $225
TOTAL TO RAISE ON ioby= $7,760



We're More than Halfway There!

Thank you to everyone who has supported, shared, and gotten involved with this project. We are so grateful for your support!

So far we have raised $3,160 to fund video production. This means that the campaign is over 50% funded, and we are getting close to reaching our goal. All donations are being doubled thanks to the generous Power Up Neighborhood match with ioby and Con Edison!

Once this project is funded, artist Michael McWeeney will start visiting Freshkills Park to interview researchers and film wildlife. Michael grew up on Staten Island, and he has been photographing Freshkills Park for several years.

We asked Michael what inspires him to keep revisiting the park. “Documenting this transition is important,” he said. “Grasses are taking over and wildlife is flourishing, and it’s all happening in my backyard. This place I once looked at as an embarrassment now gives a sense of pride to Staten Island.”

Right now, we have less than two weeks left in the campaign. There is still time to donate and help us raise the remaining amount that will allow Michael to produce a video that tells the story of Freshkills Park’s transformation. The video will be a free online resource that’s shared during public programs, increasing environmental awareness and encouraging stewardship of reclaimed landscapes

We are determined to meet our goal, but we can’t do it without the help of our supporters. If you haven’t yet, please consider making a contribution. You can also pass our campaign on to as many people as you can and help us get the rest of the way there.

Taking Flight

Thank you to everyone who has already donated to support this campaign! We are closer to our goal thanks to your investment in Freshkills Park’s story of environmental transformation. Once the video is fully funded, artist Michael McWeeney will get to work filming wildlife and interviewing researchers who study the site’s ecology.

This project is inspired by our larger goal to connect people with the plants and animals that call Freshkills Park home. With the help of free and creative digital resources, our hope is that more and more people appreciate the nature that can be found in New York City.

Along with this video project, we have been working on a Tweeting Bird Box that will invite people to learn about Freshkills Park’s growing bird population. Of the many birds that can be found onsite, some like to make their nests in holes such as hollow trees. To study and support these cavity-nesting birds, dozens of bird boxes have been installed along fences and other structures.

With the new Tweeting Bird Box, a live streaming camera and infrared sensor will detect activity inside one of the bird boxes, and this activity will be shared through social media. Thanks to amazing support through an ioby campaign, we were able to secure funds for hardware costs and the labor of a freelancer to help us build the software. Now the Tweeting Bird Box is in its final stages of construction and we expect to have it installed by summer 2018!

This is an exciting time of year, when migrating birds begin their journeys back to summer breeding grounds. We hope you continue to join us in celebrating their arrival at Freshkills Park.

Photo by Diane Cook Len Jenshel, published in Audubon.


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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