Since we began our on-the-ground work in Cleveland in March 2016, ioby has trained over 1,300 Clevelanders to plan, fund, and build positive change in neighborhoods across the city, gathered over 350 brilliant ideas for local community projects, and supported over 125 project leaders in launching their crowdfunding campaigns. Together these leaders have raised nearly $200,000 in small donations to make Cleveland neighborhoods safer, greener, more livable and more fun.

Ready to make change where you live?

Contact Indigo Bishop at or text her at 216-930-4030 and she'll hep you get started!

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Fight climate change—get up to $5K in matching funds!

We’ve teamed up with the Cleveland Climate Action Fund and Resilient Cleveland to award $1:$1 matching funds to community projects that prepare Cleveland neighborhoods for the impacts of climate change. Curious about the projects competing for the match? Check them out here.

As a part of the CCAF Crowdfunding Challenge, every dollar raised towards your ioby project could be matched up to $5,000 (or until the funds run out)! This effectively doubles the resources available to resident-led projects and programs administered by community-based organizations all over the city. Learn about the requirements and timeline here.

To get started, tell us about your project at It's not too late to get in on CCAF Match Round II, 2018 this summer!!!


Monthly Workshops with Indigo

By Us, For Us: Crowdfunding Your Climate Action Project
The deadline to receive matching funds for the Cleveland Climate Action Match 2018, Round II is June 1st! Come learn about crowdfunding myths and how to plan a successful campaign! Plus, get help building a campaign page tailored towards climate impact and learn about eligibility to receive matching funds. 
Saturday May 26th
6815 Euclid Avenue (come to the double-doors at E. 69th, free parking in back)
Happy Hour at the Hive
Tell Cleveland Action Strategist Indigo Bishop about the most exciting project you're working on and she'll tell you how to get matching funds this summer!
Friday June 8th
6815 Euclid Avenue (come to the double-doors at E. 69th, free parking in back)
  • Urban Pocket Park Retreats

    Our Urban Pocket Parks are within walking distance of many Glenville families, providing them a retreat from the hustle & bustle of urban life, reducing pollution, traffic and the consumption of resources

    NEEDS: $0 of 5,050 + Volunteers
  • Save the World with Worms!

    Feed worms, not landfills! Make awesome compost, keep food scraps out of landfills, and reduce greenhouse gases with worms.

    NEEDS: $0 of 5,659