The Coop Academy is about building a strong local economy rooted in democracy and environmental justice … one cooperative at a time. It is an intensive 16-week training and support program that helps teams of aspiring entrepreneurs develop worker-owned green businesses. It is unique in its focus on businesses that are both green and worker-owned. And utilizes an aggressive combination of training, coaching, and technical services. Think of it as a business boot camp for cooperative start-ups The program includes classroom trainings; business coaches; and business support services such as legal incorporation, graphic design, and website development. The course is specifically designed so that each team is able to get their business up and running by the completion of the course.

Each of the teams going through the Coop Academy is required to fundraise for their course registration fee. It's their first assignment as a team. We request you donate to one, several or all of these start-up cooperatives. Your donation is their access to training and resources, a network of support, and of course ... success. Think of it as an investment in the creation of the economy you've always dreamed of. Make a donation today ... then tell your friends.


POP blog

POP is an online zine created by and for young women of color. We'll discuss current events, sex education, healthy relationships, LGBTQ issues and the politics of being young women who identify as people of color.

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Eco Ryders

Eco Ryders is an education-based organization dedicated to teaching Bronx youth about the environment and social issues through workshops and skateboard design.

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