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the project

Youth from the Garden Valley community, specifically, and Greater Cleveland, in general, will be trained in and participate in the production of "In the Valley", a documentary highlighting the rebirth of the Garden Valley Neighborhood Center. Not only will students learn and then teach other young people multimedia production, but the media projects produced by them and through their participation will be used to generate a source of revenue for them (the youth) and help diversify the support for the Center.

See a piece of their story on Channel 5's WEWS "A Better Land".

the steps

Though work has already begun (we are committed to "In the Valley") the following steps will be (or have been) taken:

  • Identify and secure participating youth
  • Identify and secure a professional multimedia team
  • Draft a script
  • Identify the pre-production, production and post-production calendars
  • Produce "In the Valley"
  • Distribute "In the Valley" locally and through local and national film festivals

After this initial project, the process will be repeated, but with youth leading the way!

why we're doing it

This project is not just about sharing with the world the innovative, sustainable and scalable work being done at the Garden Valley Neighborhood Center, it's also about providing the technical and entrepreneurial tools for the youth and adults at the Center to share their individual stories (and their pathways to success!), as well as developing the multimedia knowledge, skill-sets and mind-sets that will benefit them in a society dependent on multimedia and technology.

For the last several years, Garden Valley Neighborhood Center has launched and maintained effective programming with the personal sacrifices and financial backing of its community volunteers and its small, but resilient, spirit-led staff. 

Time and time again they have demonstrated their devotion, sacrifice and proven ability to do so much with so little. Even to the point where organizations from across the nation have come to learn how they do what they do.

There is only so much time in the day and the demands of the Center's programming are monumental, which has left little time for marketing their achievements to the greater community.  

But, now they need your help and they are humbly asking for your support. 


Youth Multimedia Program: $1,000

Program Equipment: $1,500

Staffing: $1,000


ioby Platform Fee $35

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $109




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