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Legion Field Community Garden community Survey Responses!!

the project

Neighbors and friends have been gardening at Legion Field since 2010.  The City of Oberlin allowed residents to garden in Legion Field since it was no longer needed for their baseball programs. We have grown each year to accommodate both new and experienced gardeners. As our numbers increased, we broadened our mission to include high school youth who could gain both income and some insight about the food we are producing locally.  A local college student enrolled in the Sustainable Agricuture program at the local Community college has worked with us part-time during the summer to develop opportunities for local students in the community garden. Her college has provided some support through its work-study program but can't fully fund a 12-15  week program. The Friends of Legion Garden are committed to match all contributions raised through this crowdfunding site to ensure our Youth Program Manager will receive fair compensation for the many hours she will be working with young gardeners.

the steps

1. The  program manager will work with local high school counselors early in Spring 2019 to identify student candidates who meet  the income and interest guidelines.

2. Students will help to rebuild our perimeter fence to enclose our expanded garden area.

3. Set up our high tunnel structure and  move our storage shed inside the fence perimeter.

4. Create a more effective composting system that will also capture rain water for storage

5. Repair and replace 10 year old raised beds using untreated lumber.

why we're doing it

Oberlin community garden brings community members together to improve access to healthy food while promoting environmental sustainabilty. 


We plan to hire a program manager to develop internships and opportunities for local high school students to work in the garden. We will need to be able to pay the program manager. We plan to pay the program manager $4,000 for the summer. We want to pay the manager more than the mininum wage in Ohio. We have decided to pay $10 an hour and estimate that the program manager will work 40 hours a week. This equals $400 a week for a little over 2 months. 


SUBTOTAL = 4,000
ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $120



Legion Field Community Garden community Survey Responses!!

We recently began asking our neighbors to tell us how our Community Garden benefited them.  We started by knocking on doors and leaving postcards where no one was home.  Our survey goal is both to communicate our mission and to hear how neighbors percieve the community garden as part of  their neighborhood. The responses have highlighted the "added value" that community gardens bring to neighborhoods. Many commented that the sight of neighbors working together to produce food was reassuring. "Seasonal displays of colorful flowers and vegetables" was another added value to what was once a vacant mowed field. They particularly mentioned the fruit trees that announced Spring with their blossoms and provided fruits for the picking in late summer. These responses strengthened our interest in expanding our current orchard to provide more varieties of  fruit and nut bearing species. We obtained grant funds from the City to plant 18 more saplings in Fall 2018 including hazelnut, persimmon, hop hornbeam, and paw paw as well as several pollinator species. Our youth program Manager will be teachhing our high school youth to care for this growing orchard this spring!


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