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the project

 In order to promote a more sustainable community and to encourage the responsibility of global citizenship, we the people of Homewood unite to focus on the environment as an important social issue, we propose to create an Urban Organic Farm in Homewood. The Organic Urban farm will benefit community members in several ways, first by introducing urban farming and the process of growing foods in our community. Secondly, the agricultural project will provide new opportunities for training dislocated and unemployed community members by providing valuable life transforming skills in all aspects of agricultural farming. The emphasis of skills will be placed in organic farming, farm maintenance operations, a farmer’s market and food security. Our goal is engage, educate and train community members in hands on applications into farming. We want to educate community members about the health-related benefits that stem from the practice of sustainable communities. Our plan is to have the farm producing vegetables by spring 2012 and to continue to expand the project into a permanent fixture in Homewood, contributing significantly to Urban Farming. 

the steps

 Phase of the Development

Start the community Urban Organic Farm with the participation of community members, activist, leaders and organizations in Community thru support.

  • Recruit Farmer to help
  • Plant and grow fresh produce by spring 2012
  • Start a community farmers market in Homewood.
  • Turn vacant lots into farming areas
  • Build a Homewood task force of community members for food security
  • Secure Funding for the Farm Project by investigating all possible resource.

Basic Outline for Starting the farm

  1. Get Permission from the City to Use or Lease land lots
  2. Do a soil survey
  3. Conduct land survey of boundaries for zoning and for farming purposes
  4. Find and look at water drainage and uses needed for farm
  5. Begin a compost site and or find donated resources for compost
  6. Build a green house
  7. Worm bin
  8. Due soil remediation
  9. Purchase or receive donations for supplies and materials needed for growing.  Eg - Seeds, forks, spades, wheelbarrows, etc.                                                                                                     

why we're doing it

  1. Core Values

Homewood Urban Organic Farm will promote:

  • Environmental responsibility in global citizenship
  • Sustainable agriculture in organic farming
  • Community engagement and development
  • Food access and security
  • Interactive learning
  • Create a Farmers Market here in Homewood
  • The rebuilding of the Homewood community
  • To replace some of the negative attitudes and social disparities associated with poverty in our community


Homewood Agricultural Budget Each Price QTY Total Tine Bow Rake 11(.)00 3 33(.)00 Forge Garden Hoe 16(.)00 3 48(.)00 shovel 10(.)00 3 30(.)00 ploy tray 35(.)00 2 70(.)00 Trowel 8(.)00 5 40(.)00 cultivator 8(.)00 5 40(.)00 bucket 3(.)00 10 26(.)00 Manure Fork 34(.)97 3 105(.)00 Steel Rake 8(.)00 1 8(.)00 Pruner 12(.)00 3 36(.)00 Stakes 3(.)00 10 30(.)00 sisal 3(.)00 10 26(.)00 garden twine 3(.)00 10 28(.)00 30 gal lawn bags 2(.)00 15 28(.)00 natural burlap 12(.)00 10 123(.)00 cub cadet 4 cycle cultivator 299(.)00 1 299(.)00 rain barrel 98(.)00 3 294(.)00 Hose 36(.)00 2 72(.)00 top soil 2 20 40 limited liability insurance for Urban farm 500(.)00 Quote from Home Depot Project total = $2000 ioby fee = 8% = $160 Total to raise = $2160


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