A local artist will design a mural depicting elements of the local neighborhood history and install it on a blighted wall at 1673 Lamar. This removes a blight and replaces it with attractive urban art.

NEEDS: $2,628 of 3,383

Fixers Collective

We want to expand our outreach to the other four boroughs and host Fixing Sessions there.   At first, we would guide people and then lead them to a point where they can  host their own Fixing Sessions.

NEEDS: $4,252 of 4,252 + Volunteers

Madison@Belvedere Bus Stop

The Madison/Belvedere bus stop can be a local artistic expression that tells the rich history of Midtown while hinting at its future. The design will incorporate jukebox elements and punk aesthetics.  

NEEDS: $6,425 of 6,425

Fight for Drivers Licenses Training Drive

We are working to send 5 community members to an intensive week-long organizing training where we will gain the skills to learn how to move our legislative campagin forward in Pennsylvania. 


NEEDS: $2,320 of 2,610

Vacant Lot 2 Garden

We're starting a community garden in the neighborhood. We need raised beds, tools, and permission. 

NEEDS: $500 of 500

Herbman Medicinal Healing Garden

Install a garden that will provide herbal plants and their derivatives to the community. Organic, natural medicinal herbs will boost communal wellbeing and health.

NEEDS: $18,604 of 19,090 + Volunteers

PushNation Inc.

Matches 3 trained college students (family coaches) with low-income families, supporting their push out of poverty for a year. This emerging movement has been tested and proven.

NEEDS: $15,985 of 16,235 + Volunteers


ASAP is fundraising toward fiscal sponsorship, website hosting, and our public events!

NEEDS: $560 of 2,404 + Volunteers

Save Farm School NYC!

Growing food, leaders and communities in New York City

NEEDS: $14,890 of 25,785 + Volunteers

SWAG Project

SWAG Project is an urban farming, food justice + educational project in the South Ward of Newark. We grow food + build community through locally led projects that bring more fresh food + better health to our neighborhood.

NEEDS: $450 of 6,189 + Volunteers

Know Your Fitness DC

The Know Your Fitness Campaign is a health and wellness initiative, consisting of a series of free and fun workouts throughout the Washington Metropolitan area.

NEEDS: $8,005 of 8,135 + Volunteers

LeTS Roll!

Help more people get out and ride in Central New Hampshire! Help us create Level of Traffic Stress Maps to show how to get the most out of road enhancements.

NEEDS: $3,821 of 5,906


Upon the 50th anniversary of the leader’s death, artists, educators and activists in Harlem ask an urgent question: What if Malcolm X had lived?


NEEDS: $4,607 of 8,275 + Volunteers

Secure Bicycle Parking Space

Hug Your Bicycle AND Keep It Safe with the Secure Bicycle Parking Space. ParkENT Cycles supplies secure bicycle parking to prevent theft.

NEEDS: $5,275 of 5,435

St. Johns County Bike Route Map

St. Johns County Bike Route aims to create a mutually beneficial road experience through fun education to cyclists and non cyclists in the form of an easy to use and read, regardless of age, pocket map.

NEEDS: $9,025 of 9,135 + Volunteers

Help Network

We (Founder Christian Luna- Labee, General Manager Rebecca Tello, and fellow Danielle Shaw) wish to raise enough funds to have a small office where we can house our volunteer administrators to expand our impact. 

NEEDS: $4,555 of 5,435 + Volunteers

ReClaiming Home

Reclaiming Home aims to help residents of the Clark-Fulton & Stockyards neighborhood re-build pride in their home and neighborhood through exterior improvements while encouraging residents to come together.

NEEDS: $5,686 of 6,151

Pop-Up Protected Bike Lane Demonstration Kit

We will move innovative bike infrastructure projects from "can't be done" to "can't live without it!" by helping communities demonstrate how simple and easy it is to make streets safe for biking!

NEEDS: $4,780 of 5,185 + Volunteers

Eat, Compost, Grow, Repeat

Creating a viable compost program at Phoebe Hearst Elementary School in Sacramento, California.

NEEDS: $1,065 of 1,065


ACT UP is a free weekend-long ACT preparatory workshop open to 60 Shelby County high school students who couldn't otherwise afford ACT tutoring.

NEEDS: $231 of 2,816

Connect 53212

Help fund a neighborhood asset map aimed at encouraging people to walk, bike and bus in Milwaukee's Harambee and Riverwest communities.

NEEDS: $2,236 of 2,301 + Volunteers

iSyncED II

Create Family Resource Centers that have education prep materials for all ages and level of education. The Family Resource Centers will be located in 2-3 churches. 

NEEDS: $373 of 2,753 + Volunteers

Swing Camp for Kids!

Building mindful, culturally sensitive, creative community leaders through swing dance.

NEEDS: $5,185 of 5,185 + Volunteers

E. 200th Street Stroll

In celebrating our great City of Euclid and its residents, the E. 200th Street Stroll exists to promote E. 200th Street businesses and the community resources available to all.

NEEDS: $3,025 of 3,125 + Volunteers

Quincy Healing Gardens

We have a number of voulunteer groups working with us including the Hands on NE Ohio organization and a small church located adjacent to the garden site.     

NEEDS: $5,185 of 5,185 + Volunteers

Markus Manley Dream Fund

The Markus Manley Dream Fund helps youth fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams through proctored grants and learning opportunities.

NEEDS: $15,485 of 15,485

Sew Much Love

SML gives homeless women in North Memphis who have barriers to traditional employment the skills to create, design, market and sell their creative products thereby giving financial stability.

NEEDS: $2,230 of 5,000 + Volunteers

RBSCC Project Ex.I.T.O Grows

I would like to raise $1,200 to assist students in building a compost, gardening boxes, students will plant garden, and up keep the garden.

NEEDS: $82 of 1,271

Pinch Pocket Park

The Pinch Neighborhood is stepping out.  Help us create a community space for neighbors to gather, have a picnic, or take a break on neighborhood stroll with their furry friends.  

NEEDS: $7,085 of 7,245 + Volunteers

Roots Of Success Localization & Business Planning

Turning Green Curriculum Into Viable Businesses by incorporating current local market data into business, financial and operational planning, adding value to knowledge to make funding possible and success more probable.

NEEDS: $5,466 of 5,494 + Volunteers

Stripe Memphis Basketball Courts

Better Basketball Courts, Stronger Communities: Striping lines, covering graffitti and making other minor basketball court improvements in City of Memphis basketball courts.

NEEDS: $269 of 6,215 + Volunteers

Sun Powered Jobs

Combines land reuse, alternative energy, the hard to employ, and learning in an urban setting.

NEEDS: $4,274 of 5,185

Time Is Of the Essence

My program aims to help solve some of these problems but also to just raise awareness of the need to have a clearly marked home address.  

NEEDS: $118 of 618

VENS Playground

Vollintine Evergreen get a new playground at the Living Hope Church and VENSchool.


NEEDS: $5,462 of 9,305

Digital-Rock Breakdancing (Bboy) Event

We will be playing host to some of the best Breakdancers(Bboys) in the country for a night of Dance at the Brooks Museum.  Earlier in the day we will be providing free instruction for anyone interested in learning.

NEEDS: $3,635 of 4,155

Chris Bell Mural

Our group is creating a memorial mural for Memphis musician Chris Bell, known for his work with Big Star and his solo recordings.

NEEDS: $2,020 of 5,185

Criminal Justice Summer Camp 2015

We are raising funds for our field trips to Henning, Nashville and Knoxville, where we will visit West TN State Prison (Henning, TN), the TN Supreme Court, TBI Lab, the State Capitol, and the Body Farm (Knoxville, TN).

NEEDS: $4,024 of 4,979 + Volunteers

The Sanctuary on the Lawn at Caritas Village

Sanctuary on the Lawn at Caritas Village. An Exterior Garden, Memorial, and Gathering Space Dedicated to Lives Lost by Violence in our Community


NEEDS: $6,860 of 10,335 + Volunteers

Alabama Street Tapestry Project

The iron fence that runs along the south side of Alabama will be woven with bright fabrics to turn the fence into a tapestry. The tapestry sections of fence will be interspersed with sections of sunflowers. 

NEEDS: $2,705 of 5,185 + Volunteers

Girls Inc. Youth Farm

With the launch of the Girls Inc. Youth Farm, Girls Inc. of Memphis is launching a new program to teach high school girls the skills necessary to start and run their own businesses.

NEEDS: $1,733 of 5,185 + Volunteers